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The Industry

The Industry - Rose Foster I was in the mood for some mindless reading so I picked up this YA thriller by Rose Foster, and was surprised by how much I liked it. The Industry focusses on Kirra, who solves an online puzzle and gets kidnapped so she can aid a criminal organisation in their illegal endeavours. In this book Foster describes a whole world of people who are part of The Industry - from Decoys whose job it is to distract local authorities while the real crime happens somewhere else, to intelligence agencies that keep track of everyone and everything, to the Assassins and Extractors who work the crimes. They have a training school, their own hospitals and news stations, all un-noticed by 90% of the population. Kirra is hurled into this world and as a sixteen year old has a lot of idealistic views: The Industry must be backed by some government, and her Australian Government will surely be able to rescue her. At first I completely understood her reaction, but even after people repeatedly tell her that The Industry is something no one on the outside knows about, she persists in her stupid belief that she will be able to somehow and escape and go home. About midway through the book I started getting really annoyed at Kirra and totally understand Desmond's exasperation with her. I liked Kirra and hope she becomes a little more mature in the upcoming books. The other character I really liked is Desmond - the Extractor who rescues Kirra from her captors and tries to protect her from the rest of The Industry. It is clear, however, that even though she may not be locked up, Kirra will be expected to break codes for the rest of her life and there is little chance of her ever escaping her fate. Desmond is nice to her and takes good care of her, and eventually we get to see his tough exterior melt away as he reveals that he is a caring person. I can't say the same for many of the other members of his crew though!A great debut by an Australian author, The Industry is a good read that I enjoyed! I hope to continue the series and get to know all the characters a little better, and I think it will be fun to watch Kirra learn some skills in the next book, The Estate.