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Muse - Rebecca Lim Muse is a haphazard book - more so than those preceding it. I feel the characters are inaccessible and the plot, while engaging, is convoluted. Mercy becomes stronger, asking questions about her past and unearthing dark secrets that have been kept from her for centuries. It’s nice to finally get some details about what she did to deserve her bizarre punishment. However, Mercy’s constant fainting because everything overcame her grew tiresome, especially when she has been strong in the previous books. Irina is annoying and hard to sympathise with, so I was surprised at how much sympathy Mercy garnered for her. Mercy is anticipating a forced removal from Irina’s life throughout the story, so she purposely distances herself from her host. This hampered the extent to which I could connect with the characters in the book. I feel that one of the best aspects of this book is that Mercy’s eyes are finally opened to Luc’s true nature. She has seen that there was never really a choice between Luc and Ryan: Ryan has always been there for her. Ryan hasn’t been a large part of Mercy’s life since the first book, so I look forward to Fury where I anticipate he will play a significant role. I want to see the development of his relationship with Mercy. The way that this book ended has left me hanging for the next instalment in Mercy’s adventures. It’s one hell of a cliff-hanger. The series has picked up with Muse, and I hope it continues on its upward trajectory!You can read all my reviews here.