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Clockwise - Reviewed at Speculating on SpecFic for the CLOCKWISE blog tour - including a GIVEAWAY of Watched by Cindy Hogan!Clockwise is a whirlwind of fun that I enjoyed a lot. Casey is a wonderfully quirky character - a sarcastic, funny girl cursed with the ability to spontaneously time-travel to 1860, and forced to take anyone who she is touching at the time with her! The premise of the book is great, and it gets better with the introduction of the Wilson family - the wonderful caring people Casey stays with when she 'trips' back in time. The family relationships shown in the book are grounded in reality and wonderful to read. Casey's family is dealing with the recent separation of her parents, and I think their experiences are accurately portrayed. Casey's best friend Lucinda is great - I think it's so good that she is supportive of the quirks in Casey's life. The love interest Nate was a bit predictable, and aside from being really hot, I didn't initially see why Casey liked him to much. But he proves to be a gentleman and I ended up liking him a lot. I enjoyed this book - it's a short read and a perfect escape from the usual books I read. I am looking forward to reading Clockwiser, the second book in this series, soon and following Casey's wacky adventures.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.