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Flesh And Blood: House of Comarré: Book Two

Flesh and Blood - Kristen Painter Read the full review here.An interesting and action packed book, Flesh and Blood is a good follow up to Blood Rights. The story is engaging and I liked the growth of the main character, Chrysabelle. I also enjoyed seeing her and Malkolm deal with the effects of the breaking of the covenant. There are also mysterious forces killing off fringe vampires, and Tatiana is out for revenge since losing the Ring of Sorrows. The stakes (ha!) are higher in this book and the sense of danger was clear on every page.I think the introduction of the Kubai Mata (vampire hunters) is only there to allow for a new male love interest for Chrysabelle. I found this very annoying because I don’t believe the man in question actually added anything to the story - he was just there to cause tension in Chrysabelle and Malkolm’s already unstable relationship. While it is valid to explore Chrysabelle’s choice between a living, breathing human with supernatural powers, and a vampire, it reminded me too much of Twilight. Like the last book, the plot in this book seems very formulaic - in this case, adding a love triangle simply because most other YA trilogies have them too.