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Eragon (Inheritance Cycle Series #1)

Eragon - Christopher Paolini Read the full review here.Eragon’s plot is the standard fantasy story: the young protagonist discovers his world is not what he thinks it is. The discovery of a dragon egg sets off a chain of events - causing Eragon to flee his village. To survive, he has to to take refuge with the Varden, those who oppose the oppressive reign of King Galbatorix, a Dragon Rider who betrayed his own and killed all the remaining dragons before taking over Alagaësia. The relationship between Eragon and his dragon Saphira is powerful, and although I found both characters annoying at times, I think this was because their relationship is so realistic. They both make mistakes, and learn together to use their powers and negotiate the treacherous new political ground they have gained as the only dragon and Rider outside the influence of Galbatorix.