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Reaper (Soul Screamers Series)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent Oh Tod, how I love thee. This is a very short glimpse into the lives of Nash, Tod and Harmony before Kaylee meets them. Tod and Nash have a typical love-hate relationship with one another, skewed slightly more towards hate than I would have expected but still great to read about. It's very interesting to find out HOW Tod became Reaper and the process by which he was selected, and some details are also revealed that have been kept secret from us until now. I'm assuming that the introduction of Sabine is important and that she'll crop up sooner or later, as well as the huge secrets that are floating around. I love Tod's sense of humour - even being dead couldn't get rid of it!! But I agree with Harmony and feel that he hasn't really understood what he's in for by choosing to become a Reaper. I think Kaylee made an appearance as well, but I'm unsure, I'll have to read My Soul to Lose again to check. Overall, awesome book, and I wish Tod had like ... a whole book or something, he's just fantastic!You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.