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Every Day - David Levithan An absolutely phenomenal book that grabs readers from the first page, Every Day was a pleasure to read and a wonderful reprieve from the high fantasy I have been reading lately. I stayed awake until 3 am and read this in one sitting, it's a fantastic book that I wish was longer!Every Day exists in the space where the ordinary meets the unreal: A is forced to wake up in a different body every day and take over that person's life for 24 hours. A has walked every path in life and has come to a macroscopic understanding of the world that I found fascinating. The story is tinged with tragedy and sorrow, and while I can see that A truly has a go at being happy and live as normally as possible, the loneliness A feels is tangible and touched me deeply.The short time A spends in each person's life prevents the establishment of any relationships, familial or otherwise. To survive, A has established a bunch wide range of rules designed to lessen the pain. All those rules become suspended when A meets Rhiannon, and suddenly life isn't about existing, day-to-day, it's about Rhiannon, and how A can be around her, see her smile, make her laugh, share her secrets. The romance is incredibly sweet, and I think Rhiannon, who I loved the moment I met her, is a realistic and well written character.This story is, at its heart, an examination of what defines a person, what love means, and how strong love can be. It challenges our preconceptions about life, love and everything else. A doesn't identify as male or female - A is simply one person one day, and another the next. Having borne witness to so many different lives, cultures, religions and social groups over 6000 days, A has a distinct world view that is not only engaging, but sensible and eye-opening. Rhiannon finds it difficult to overcome a lot of her own notions, and she's a very open-minded, grounded girl.Every Day is a touching, memorable story of a sixteen year old like no other. This is a brave book that forays deep into the core of human nature. I hope everyone will read it one day, and I look forward to reading more of Leviathan's work.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.