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The Sparrow (The Returned, #0.6) - Jason Mott I don't know if I enjoyed The Sparrow as much as The First - I think it deals with weightier issues, and in such a short book, it feels disjointed and stilted. Whereas The First is about the very first person who comes back from the dead, The Sparrow deals with the darker side of the phenomenon.When Heather and Matt find a little girl who's been Returned, Matt is more interested in studying her - hoping to be the first person to crack their mysteries, than taking care of her. Heather just wants to reunite the girl with her parents, and the couple clash repeatedly. There are large gaps in time throughout the novella - a technique the author has obviously had to apply in order to tell the whole story in such a short space. However, this means that we don't get to see the relationship between Tatiana and Heather grow, we just have to accept the author's word that it happened.Matt is such a jerk, and he infuriated me a lot! Which I think is great, because it can be difficult for authors to ensure their characters in their short stories make an impact. I think it's safe to say that Jason Mott is a talented author! I'm really looking forward to reading the full length novel set in this world.This novella, alongside The First, forms a gentle introduction into the world of The Returned, and is just enough to whet one's appetite for the highly anticipated release. I know I can't wait!You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.