Speculating on SpecFic

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The Vincent Brothers  - Abbi Glines The second non-SpecFic book I want to highlight is The Vincent Brothers, the sequel to The Vincent Boys, which I reviewed two weeks ago. This book focusses on Sawyer, and we get to see how hurt and miserable he is after the events of The Vincent Boys, and how Lana tries to help him get over Ashton.Whereas Boys was all about Ashton cheating on her perfect boyfriend Sawyer, Brothers is about Sawyer coming to terms with all the changes in his life. His family has been shattered by the revelations about his father, his school life isn’t so great anymore and his friends want him to get over Ashton quicker than he can. Into the midst of all this comes Lana, Ashton’s cousin who’s always had a crush on Sawyer but feels that Ash is so perfect, there’ll be no competing with her.I liked the dynamic between Lana and Sawyer a lot better than that of Beau and Ashton, although to be perfectly honest I think that’s just because Lana and Sawyer aren’t betraying someone in the process of getting closer. Lana is quite strong and stands up for herself when she feels wronged, which was great to see, and Sawyer begins as a quite a flawed character (he wants to use Lana to make Ashton jealous), but he soon gets over that and acts like the sweet boy we met in the previous book.We get to see a bit of Ashton and Beau though, and how their relationship is going. Although they seem happy, now that I can see their relationship from the outside it makes me feel uncomfortable. Beau is more of a possessive attack dog in this book than a sweet boyfriend. He’s always described as growling and acting like an animal, demanding why people are on Ashton’s driveway, why they are staring at her, etc. Not only is it tiring, it takes away from all the romance in their relationship, and I’m left with the impression that surely Ashton can’t be too happy with him. But of course, she is perfectly happy.Abbi Glines has served up another entertaining read in The Vincent Brothers, and although this book concludes the series, I am interested in reading more of her works in the future, especially the paranormal-romance, the Existence trilogy.