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The Enchanted - K.B. Hoyle Every time I leave Darcy Pennington at the end of a book, I feel like she’s grown and finally becoming less self-centred. But every time I take up with her again in a new book, it’s almost as if she reverts, as if the time spent in Alitheia has been washed away by another year at high school. This book is my favourite so far (and don’t I say that after finishing each book?), and I think this is the first book that I can really say that I liked Darcy in, but in the beginning she was very irresponsible and silly.Alitheia is recovering from a war with Tselloch and has changed vastly rom the magical land we were introduced to in The Six. Darcy and her friends also have an increasing familiarity with the land, which is nice because the long story line is beginning to coalesce into something amazing. I loved getting to see a military keep as well as the well-appointed palace, and visiting familiar places but seeing them in a new light. I think The Enchanted expands well on the world and continues to it unfold naturally.One of the things I like about the writing of this series is that the characters are all very realistic: they think, act and react like sixteen year olds which is refreshing (and sometimes annoying, but it’s meant to be!). So when Amelia experiences heart-break and Sam expresses confusion in her relationship with Lewis, I felt strongly right along with them. I felt Darcy’s pain at her rejection as well, but rejoiced that she was finally over Perry (he isn’t very nice, let’s face it). And my, how Tellius has grown. He’s one of my favourite characters now, and I really want to read more about him!The plot of The Enchanted is a lot more character driven than some of the previous volumes, which allows for lots of development. However, I liked how loose threads from the last three books have increased significance in this book, and it was great to finally get some answers and see where Colin lies in all this.I do feel that Darcy should have recognised the importance of her ring a lot sooner, there were so many obvious clues, but as usual she was just a little too self-absorbed and then reacted with undue surprise when everything was made clear.So, another great instalment in The Gateway Chronicles series, which has built brilliantly on the foundations laid down by the previous books. The Enchanted is a great read and I am gad that the series keeps getting better and better. Bring on the next book I say!A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.