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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire A long and quite frankly disturbing read, Beautiful Disaster is not for the faint of heart. When Abby moves in with resident bad boy Travis after losing a bet, her life takes a turn for the ... crazy. Travis is unhinged. Guys like this do exists, and I make a point to stay the hell away from them. Travis trashes up apartments, beats people bloody - for a living and for fun - and likes to yell. A lot. The friendship he cultivates with Abby is bizarre - we're meant to believe he has changed and will now shun his serial one-night-stands. It says a lot about Abby that goes into the situation with her eyes wide open - she knew what was going to happen and still went through with it because of the bet. I think she's as reckless as Travis, just in different ways. I couldn't stop reading this book - it was like a train wreck. I knew what was going to happen, and nothing really surprised me, but I had to keep reading. The fight scenes freaked me out, Abby's constant forgiveness and return to Travis infuriated me and the ending ... the ending sucked. But I guess broken people attract one another and they did both emerge ... less broken ... than they initially were. Their relationship is abusive and unhealthy, but somehow works, although I wouldn't want it for myself. This is not a heartwarming book. There are no redeemable characters in it. All that said, I think I sort of liked it, it is different: a raw, unflinching look at a relationship that borders on dysfunctional, and like I said before, is probably not a read for everyone.