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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove - David Gaider, Chad Hardin, Alexander Freed My very first graphic novel review! Where do I begin? Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is set after the Fifth Blight (Dragon Age I) and follows Alistair, king of Fereldand (Dragon Age: Origins) and Isabela the pirate captain and Varric the ground dwarf from Dragon Age II. Alistair is forced to work with the two rogues in his quest to find his father, and the first step is to raid the archives of The Crows for information. This quickly sets him on the course of his adventure, where he chased by The Crows, runs into witches and dragons, and has to be rescued a few times by his companions.This graphic novel is both dark and full of action, both qualities which are highlighted in the superb illustrations it features. The dialogue is clear and easy to follow, although some of the humour doesn't transfer across in print, like it does in the games. My favourite parts are easily the encounters with the Witch of the Wilds and her magnificent dragon (which looks damn scary!) - she is a feisty character who I ended up liking a little.This print edition Dragon Age comics is a must have for fans of the game - hopefully it will tide us over until the release of Dragon Age III! You can preview it on the Dark Horse Comics site.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.