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Storm (Elementals, #1) - Brigid Kemmerer I’ll admit that I picked this book up because I heard that it has four hot brothers in it. Yes I am that shallow. But Storm impressed me because of the cool mythology it uses and the relatable relationships it depicts. The brothers have the power to control the elements - air, fire, earth and water. There is also a fifth power, the power to control spirit. Now this, in itself, is a pretty old idea, but Kemmerer spicesit up; firstly, by adding the dreamy Merrick brothers, and then by adding a group of ruthless killers who are charged with eliminating individuals who show too much power.The brothers steal the show in this book - although Becca seems to be mildly attracted to Chris, who is of an age with her, she becomes increasingly nervous and giggly around his older brother Nicholas (I can’t blame her there). Between them, the Merrick brothers control four of the elements, and while this sounds pretty cool, it becomes clear that their powers have unforeseen consequences: controlling air means one has control over anything in the air, including diseases! The powers are strongly tied to the emotions, so when the boys get angry, it’s wise to find cover.Becca came across as a typical YA heroine to me - trusting when she shouldn’t really be, too eager to hang out with the strange hot brothers, and generally lacking a sense of preservation. However, she is the catalyst for all the action in the novel - she jumps in and saves Chris when he is in danger and knows how to defend herself (those are the best moments in the book, when Becca defends herself against all these huge guys). Although she trusts Chris quickly enough, Becca develops feelings for Hunter, the rebel, gothic type new-kid at school. The ensuing love triangle is not only sweet, but believable, as Chris gracefully accepts that Becca isn’t interested in him at the moment and gives Hunter and her some space.Storm is a quick, fun read that I read in one sitting (until 3 am), and I recommend it to those looking for a light YA read. I will defiantly be keeping my eye out for the sequels Spark and Spirit, and I hope to read the novellas Elemental (#0.5) and Fearless (#1.5) soon. You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.