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My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent I found many of the characters in this book annoying and couldn’t enjoy the story as much as I had hoped. The story itself was interesting but predictable, and I wondered why it took the characters so long to figure things out. Kaylee wants to save all the poor teenagers who have given their souls away, claiming they didn’t know what they were giving up. I really struggle with this, because it’s their SOUL, surely everyone grasps the enormity of giving it away. I had absolutely no sympathy for the ‘victims’ and this took away from my experience of the book.In My Soul to Save Kaylee ceases to be interesting and becomes hypocritical and whiny. I think Nash had the right idea to let those teenagers suffer the consequences of their stupid decisions, but Kaylee is determined to save them with or without her boyfriend. Kaylee always seems to have all the right answers, knowing the rules of the Netherworld despite never having been there. I was also surprised by how gullible the adults are in this book - they never suspect what Kaylee is up to and I find it really hard to believe that any competent parents would have ever let her get away with half of what she does.Kaylee wouldn’t have gotten to me so much if the other characters were in any way redeemable, but the quality of the whole cast is seriously lacking. Nash only has two modes in the book: reasoning with Kaylee because of her silly schemes and trying to get into her pants. They never get to progress their physical relationship however because Tod keeps popping in! Literally. Tod, who started off as the character with the most potential, is surly and unpredictable, and I was unimpressed by him. Unfortunately my experience of My Soul to Save wasn’t what I had hoped. I didn’t like many of the characters and think the story is silly. I plan to continue the series, however, because I like the mythology behind it and want to see where Kaylee’s powers take her.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.