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Spell Bound  - Rachel Hawkins Being the final book of the trilogy I was looking forward to Spellbound answering all the lingering questions I had throughout the series and resolving the tensions between all the characters. And Spellbound doesn’t disappoint - it’s a fast paced, enjoyable read that does everything I wanted it to do and more. The entire Hex Hall series has been amazing to read and I have enjoyed it immensely. The plot of the book is one of my favourite aspects - Sophie has the power to stop a huge war coming against all the Prodigium but the Council has taken away her powers! It was great to spend some time with the Brannicks and get to know them properly, instead of the lies that had been told at Hex Hall. I think the book didn’t spend enough time with them though, just as we were finally learning about their history a plot twist is introduced and we’re taken far away from them. In some ways the book improves a lot after the plot twist at the end of Part One. Part Two is full of action and kissing (won’t tell you between who!) and secret missions. Sophie is still the wonderful sarcastic girl I’be grown to love in this series, but now her humour is tempered by the very real dangers that she faces. Once again, I am struck at how she makes good decisions when in trouble, and never puts her friends and family in danger because of teenage stupidity. The only negative I can find about Spellbound is the way that the author resolves her love triangle. I never thought that the love triangle between Sophie, Cal and Archer was necessary, and ultimately Rachel Hawkins must have agreed because she handled it all so sloppily. That aside, I still loved Spellbound and I will continue to recommend the whole series to anyone and everyone! Sophie Mercer is a wonderful protagonist and Rachel Hawkins is a very talented writer. You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.