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Raising Demons  - Rachel Hawkins Continuing on from Hex Hall, Raising Demons follows Sophie as she agrees to go and live with her father in London for a while. It’s awesome that she takes her friend Jenna with her, and her father insists Cal accompany them (didn’t I pick the upcoming love triangle really early on??). loved this book as much as Hex Hall - Sophie is still funny and awesome, and Rachel Hawkins definitely spins a wonderful tale.I thought the beginning of the book was rushed, especially with the imminent departure London. A few huge pieces of information were finally revealed to Sophie and I think she took them a little too well everything was glossed over very conveniently. But Sophie is a fresh kind of YA heroine: she makes good decisions and puts thought into all her actions. She doesn’t stupidly put herself or those around her in danger, no matter what kinds of heart ache she is experiencing. I really liked getting to know Cal as well, although I never really felt the connection between him and Sophie. I wish the book didn’t have the love triangle in it just to conform, the love triangle didn’t really add anything to the story and mostly just confused me (and Sophie). Archer. I am solidly on Team Archer - you couldn’t get me to change my mind. It’s also obvious that Sophie feels something powerful for him, despite all the things keeping them apart.I can’t recommend this series to my readers strongly enough - it’s wonderful and I think everyone should read it! The third book in the series, Spellbound, will be published in Australia on May 1st so keep a look out for my review that week.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.