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Eve - Anna Carey Eve is a post apocalyptic story that promises to engage readers but I wasn’t impressed by it at all. The plot was extremely predictable and contained vague references to THE PLAGUE, without ever mentioning what it was or how it was able to kill 98% of the population. There are bodies in cars - where people died while trying to get out of cities. This wouldn’t happen if disease killed them, it sounds more like poisonous gas or a nuclear detonation. Moreover, it is never clear whether other countries were affected by it, or whether American citizens are being subjected to their own person hell. I can’t decide whether to like Eve or not. On one hand she has been lied to her whole life and suddenly everything has changed and she’s fleeing for her life, but on the other hand, she desperately clings to the lies she’s been told and acts as if she knows what’s best, even though she’s in a completely alien environment. She behaves irrationally and her stupidity astounds me at times. But I also felt sorry for her and think she cares deeply for those around her. The insta-love with Caleb was frustrating and I feel he lacked substance - he wasn’t written as a man, but as fairy tale version of a hero that women want men to be. It made him unrealistic and two-dimensional when he had some potential.While Eve is a good story, and if you’re interested in it I think it’s worth a read, there are plenty of superior post-apocalyptic stories available and it wouldn’t be high on my list of recommendations. I’ll probably read Once when it’s available, if only to see what happens to Eve.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.