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Crave (The Clann #1) - Melissa Darnell Crave is a well written book with an enticing new spin on paranormal lore. It follows Savannah and Tristan as they discover new things about themselves and one another, and unbury the secrets their families have kept from them for seven years. I liked the progression of the story - it showed Savannah coming into her powers over months, not days, so it felt more natural. The two protagonists are also more balanced than in most paranormal stories, with both of them possessing incredible powers and complimenting one another nicely.Savannah is easy to like and empathise with and she usually keeps her head in the face of all the weirdness surrounding her. The progression of Savannah and Tristan’s relationship is also slow, pushed along by their intense chemistry and shared history. Admitedly she becomes foolish around him sometimes, but that can be forgiven due to their obsession with one another. I didn’t like how she kept a lot of secrets from Tristan, thinking it was for the best. I understand her motivations but it still seems wrong - she took all the choices away from him.The mythology behind the Clann is fascinating, I look forward to getting to know more about it, especially how the magic works. I liked the vampire mythology as well, and want to see Savannah embrace that part of her. Both the witches and vampires are refreshing: it’s easy to sympathise with both schools of thought. One of the best things about the books are Savannah and Tristan’s parents, who genuinely want the best for their kids. This is a nice book, well executed with great characters, which uses old ideas in a fresh way. It’s a quick read and I enjoyed it. I will definitely be looking out for the sequels. You can read more of my reviews here.