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Supernaturally - Kiersten White I must admit that I did not enjoy Supernaturally as much as Paranormalcy. Where before Evie had been delightfully brazen and independent, in this book she just whines constantly. Nothing is good enough for her: her job sucks, school isn’t as glamorous as she thought, Lend isn’t around enough, and she keeps wishing she wasn’t so bleeping bored. When things DO happen, she’s complaining about how paranormal creatures never leave her alone and she just wants a normal life. Evie irritated me to no end! One of the most inexplicable things is that she decides, in her infinite wisdom, that somehow keeping secrets from Lend will spare his feelings and ensure he doesn’t become angry at her. Her selfishness astounded me because I had not thought of her as such, but in this book all Evie can do is think about herself. She also develops a tendency to take a minor set-back and somehow extrapolate it out so that her whole life becomes meaningless because of it. It also annoyed me greatly that Evie only applies to one college - the one Lend attends - and never gives any thought to what she would do if she isn’t accepted, which is silly considering her poor performance at school anyway. The story is fast paced and enjoyable to read if Evie’s selfishness and bull-headedness is ignored. I liked the idea of it, and did not see the twist at the end coming at all. I also liked that more of Evie’s past was revealed, and we get a better understanding of her true nature. More is also revealed of the fey and paranormal creatures by and large. Evie and Lend’s relationship sufferers in this book - Lend has definitely lost his charm and becomes a peripheral character. The relationship seems stained, mainly because of the secrets Evie is keeping from Lend, but also because, somehow, Lend has managed to become a bland copy of his former self. I feel that the quality of the series has deteriorated greatly, and am unsure whether I will pick up Endlessly when it is available. I probably will just to see what happens, but I certainly don’t anticipate it.You can read more of my reviews here.