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Mercy  - Rebecca Lim I put off reading this book for a long time, wrongly thinking that it was just like all the other angel related YA available. However, Mercy is written as a murder-mystery-thriller type book with elements of paranormal romance thrown in. It’s a fresh change from the usual YA that I read, and I loved it.It’s a well executed novel, a real ripping yarn, and I was hooked literally from the first page as Mercy wakes up into a new girl’s life. Her confusion is captured perfectly: I felt really disoriented in the first few chapters, the author shows how hard it is for Mercy every time she is uprooted and forced to inhabit a stranger’s body. I found it odd that the first time Mercy met Ryan, she told him she is wondering how he is bed, but I came to realise that Mercy needs to have a hard exterior and can’t let people inside her shell if she is to survive.Mercy is a great protagonist - strong and brave, and aiming to better the lives of her ‘hosts’ while inhabiting them. I like to think that she has improved the futures of many of the girls she has ‘been’. I also enjoyed Mercy’s scenes with Ryan. He’s just the right amount of bad-boy and hopeless romantic, and I like his sense of humour. The romance between them is slow and sweet - never taking the front seat to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Ryan’s sister. I will freely admit that I misjudged this series initially, but having read Mercy, I have raced through the available books and eagerly await the publication of Fury later this year. This is a great series of YA books that I think most people will enjoy.