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The Crowded Shadows (Moorehawke Trilogy #2) - Celine Kiernan Just like The Poison Throne, this book is heavily driven by its characters and their relationships. While the plot moves slowly and is punctuated with long discussions, readers are kept engaged by the interactions between characters. These discussions also provide insight into the politics and history of the world as well, so I enjoyed them. The Crowded Shadows also sees romances blossom for the main characters: while it was pretty obvious that Christopher and Wynter have feelings for one another, I found Razi’s romance with Embla both hilarious and awkward that the same time. I thought it moved very fast and grew too serious too quickly, but I also think they are perfect for one another. Christopher is still, undoubtedly, my favourite character: brave and loyal, but broken emotionally and pragmatic in his approach to life. I think he caused more problems by keeping secrets from Razi and Wynter concerning the Merron, but I also understand his motivations for doing so. This is a book I thoroughly enjoyed - wonderful characters and good storyline. I want to read the third and final book soon, and continue Wynter, Christopher and Razi’s incredible journey. You are seriously missing out if you haven’t picked up this series. You can read more of my reviews here.