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Eona  - Alison Goodman Character driven books like Eon and Eona rely heavily on the interactions between the members of the cast. This book features strong, well written characters who are each driven but personal motivations. Even the characters of dubious morality were enjoyable to read about and relate to. The only character I didn’t sympathise with at all was Lord Ido, because he was just so repulsive and unethical. This is not to say that the plot of Eona is lacking - in fact, I found the plot compelling and well paced. There are a few obvious twists and reveals, but they are offset by some completely unpredictable and shocking ones. One of my main gripes with the plot is the way that Eona is treated after revealing herself to be a woman. People are frequently telling her that as a woman, she is too emotional or naive to make important decisions and her opinions aren’t valid because she doesn’t understand a man’s world.Eona is an awesome book which I enjoyed reading and recommend for anyone who loves to lose themselves in masterful storytelling and riveting characters. Read more of my reviews here.