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High Lord - Trudi Canavan Read the full review here.A wonderful climax to a spellbinding trilogy, The High Lord lived up to all my expectations. It is a great culmination of Sonea’s adventures as the only slum dweller to be accepted into the ranks of the Magician’s Guild. Canavan’s storytelling is brilliant and makes it easy for readers to become emotionally invested in her characters. I especially loved Ceryani’s role in this novel, as it seemed very fitting to have Sonea’s childhood friend involved in the dangers she faces. I feel the best aspect of the book is undoubtably the character development of Sonea and High Lord Akkarin. They both become highly interesting characters, and as Akkarin’s past is revealed, it becomes clear that he the person we believe him to be. Lord Dannyl’s journey to accept both himself and others was also enlightening to read. It is amazing that Canavan explores issues such as sexuality and morality so subtly that the novel has no preachy qualities about it. If you have not read Trudi Canavan’s The Black Magician Trilogy then you are really missing out. Sonea’s adventures are wonderful to read about the world that Canavan has created is great to escape into.