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The Spider Goddess - Tara Moss There are plenty of eight-legged beasties running around in this novel that follows Pandora on another adventure in exciting New York. Pandora is trying to live a normal-ish life after discovering the plethora of supernatural forces that surround her, but she’s finding it hard because designers keep going missing!I feel like there was a lot going on the novel: Pandora’s powers and the continuing eccentricity of her great-aunt, her rivalry with Athanasia and the resulting attacks on her life by vampires, someone stealing fashion items from Pandora’s work place and the mysterious disappearances of leading designers. This meant that every time I thought I knew what was going on, I was led in a different direction, but I ultimately like this because it kept me guessing. The plot is well paced and always engaging, and I love the balance of the supernatural and fashion worlds with Pandora’s own growth.The Spider Goddess is a light, fun read, and I liked the hints of romance it has between Pandora and the ghostly Luke. He goes through some development in the book, which I liked. I think that while it is important that the series has such great female characters, but I have been disappointed that the only male characters the book features are either love interests or cameos. I hope Luke has an expanded role in future books I also really want to know more about Celia – this book has some interesting reveals but I think there is a lot more to learn about her.I really liked this sequel, and it seems that there are many more Pandora English books to come in the future, so I’m quite excited. I think these are the perfect books for someone looking for a break from other, weightier books, and am interested in reading Tara Moss’ Makedde Vanderwall series (about non-supernatural crimes in the fashion world) some time.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.