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Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien Read the full review here.I found the book to be an easy read which raised questions about current lifestyles in the western world and the scientific, political and social effect a climate change crisis could mitigate. Gaia’s world on the edge of the Enclave is sheltered and she believes that those inside the walled city are justified in withholding commodities such as electricity, water and education from those living outside. Every month, three babies per midwife are allowed to advance into the walled city for a better life. She is accepting of this situation until the capture of her parents by the Enclave, which acts as a catalyst to make her question the very foundation of her society. Gaia is a very strong character who I liked very much. Her actions are always planned, her feelings are clear, and I think she is one of the better heroines in YA fiction today. Her childhood was very happy and her parents have done an admirable job in raising a child who is socially conscious and values morality. Even Gaia’s romantic experiences are guided by her sense of right and wrong. The progression of her feelings for Leon are realistic, and occur for all the right reasons, with the couple beginning to understand one another on a deep emotional level.