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Blood Rights: House of Comarré: Book One

Blood Rights - Kristen Painter Read the full review here.This is an entertaining novel with a new twist on vampire lore. Although the major plot developments were predictable, the story is well executed. Some of the laws in the vampire word were not clearly explained, but I found the glossary at the back of the book to be helpful in this regard. However, there were too many far fetched revelations at the end of the book, which were probably added to set up the story in the sequels.Chrysabelle is refreshing as a kick ass female protagonist who is trained in battle and can hold her own against the monsters of the night. She is smart and witty, and I enjoyed her narration of the story because of her honest opinions. Her inexperience in romantic matters is endearing, especially when she misinterprets the reactions she provokes from those around her. On the other hand, Malkolm is wonderfully realised as a tortured vampire with a unique curse that not only kills every being he drinks from and returns their ghost to haunt him. His human past and memories make him very different from most vampires in literature and easy to sympathise with.