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Silence (Hush, Hush Saga)

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick Read the full review here.*SPOILERS FOLLOW**Nora's ability to get into dangerous situations without trying is yet again evident. Nora discovers her mother is dating Hank Millar, the father of her nemesis Marcie, and is understandably very upset. However, her childish behaviour annoys me - she attempts to walk home after a dinner with Hank, recognising it is dangerous but continuing anyway. In a trademark unrealistic plot twist - Nora happens across a group of fallen angels terrorising a Nephil. A mysterious character named Jev (whom the reader knows to be Patch) appears and saves her.The events that follow this clumsy reintroduction of the fallen angel world are remarkable similar to the first book of the series. Despite believing Jev is dangerous Nora begins to trust him and rely on him to save her in dangerous situations. She begins to have feelings to Jev, but is confused when she learns that she was dating a mysterious boy named Patch before her abduction. Nora's inability to make the connection between Patch and Jev made me very frustrated. However, there were some very nice moments when dialogue from the first book between Patch and Nora was repeated - adding a sense of sweetness to their renewed courtship.Due to Nora's amnesia, her mother and and best friend Vee attempt to conceal Nora's past with Patch. I thought this was a great plot device with a lot of potential. Nora's mother kept mentioning a man who wore all black as a possible kidnapper/stalker, and it took Nora a long time to realise that her mother was describing someone specific rather than generally guessing. Once she found out about Patch, Nora was understandably upset at Vee for keeping the secret from her. I found Vee's comment about Patch ruining Nora's life since she met him hypocritical since she herself has dated dangerous boys in the past. Otherwise this was a well executed plot device which I enjoyed.