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Losing Lila

Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson An undeniably awesome sequel, Losing Lila picks up the action with Lila and Alex on the run and throws readers into an exhilarating adventure as they try and evade the Unit and rescue Lila’s family. This book focussed more on Lila’s relationship with various members of her family and her coming to accept the powers she has as a gift. I really liked this book and am sad to let Lila go – I’ve had a blast reading her adventures!The thrills and spills in this book (and there are many) are perfectly balanced by the humour provided by Suki and Nate – the younger members of Demos’ crew – and the growing relationship between Alex and Lila. Not only do the two of them have to redefine their roles as it becomes clear that Lila can protect herself better than before, they have to deal with the reactions from Lila’s brother and father. I really liked how they handle all their problems and eventually work everything out – this book is more focussed on their relationship than Hunting Lila, but doesn’t take anything away from the action. In addition, Lila is finally given the opportunity to talk with her family after finding out about her mother and the mission of the Unit, and it is great that she works things out with her father and gains a greater understanding of him. I really liked getting to know Demos’ crew better as well – we get to see that although they lead a life of crime, they have morals and virtues and are generally likeable people.I continued to like Lila in this novel – she finds the strength to return to the Unit and rescue her family and makes it clear that she quite capable of protecting herself and those she loves. But doesn’t instantly turn into a super hero either – she doubts her growing powers and is understandably scared by how much everything is changing, and struggles to keep her head while those she loves are in danger. I also love how supportive Alex is without being overprotective, he really is perfect!The action and adventure in the book is very well written and at times had me on the edge of my seat. There are enough car chases and break-ins to keep anyone entertained, in addition to meetings with some unsavoury people, including a drug lord! Lila becomes an integral part of the Demos’ band of merry thieves – holding her own in dangerous situations and gaining more experience with her powers.A brilliant followup to Hunting Lila, this book is an exciting extension to the world that Sarah Alderson has created. Although she doesn’t have any plans to write any further books about Lila, Losing Lila has wrapped up beautifully but left material unexplored for a possible sequel. If you aren’t already reading this series, what are you waiting for?You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.