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Fractured Light

Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan Read the full review here.The story hooked me in from the first few pages; Llona explaining her need to remain unnoticed, her meeting a few new enrolments in school, and using her powers to diffuse a fight. The story progresses rapidly and reveals more about Llona’s past and her powers. The best part is that information is not conveyed through boring information dumps, but rather through stories and memories, making them interesting and easier to absorb. While reading the book I had my own ideas about who the villain in the story was. Christian’s suspicious actions made me think he was trying to kill Llona. So I was very surprised when it turned out he was her Guardian, and while writing this review I realised this detail is revealed in the blurb. I feel it would be better if this wasn’t mentioned in the blurb since it heightens the anxiety.