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The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5)

The Goddess Hunt - Aimee Carter A cute novella giving us a glimpse into how Kate spent her summer away from Henry and the Underworld and showing us another side to the goody-two-shoes Gods and Goddesses we saw in The Goddess Test. Kate still has a lot to learn, but I think she gets a good taste of what her life will be like as Queen as the Underworld in this story.Although the shortness of this story minimised my exposure to Kate, I still found her a little annoying. This is a girl who has been thrust into the world of Greek mythology, and she's somehow convinced herself that the Greek immortals must be 'good' even though they have proved time and time again in mythology - their history - that are anything but. She also expects them to display human compassion and empathy, which I consider a bit stupid because we are talking about being who have never been mortal, and over all the millennia they have existed, have been moved to help humans a handful of times. But nope, Kate wants them to act like humans, give people chances and generally be nice.Although she does represent a new perspective on the Council, but I still think she should really think about what she's expecting from her colleagues. What annoyed me even more was Henry's compliance with her simpering demands, but then, he's a husband trying to keep his strange marriage together for all of eternity.I loved the twins, finally some interesting characters appear from Greek myth! I love that they couldn't keep their shirt on (but I found Kate's ogling a bit annoying - she is married now!!). I think I enjoyed Castor a little bit more than Pollux, only because he seemed more stable than his twin. I'm now even more firm in my assertion that James is bad news - I really hate that he keeps hitting on a married woman! (Yes I am harping on about the marriage a lot, but for me marriage means something, and Kate shouldn't be ogling other men, and James shouldn't be hitting on her, because no matter how young Kate is, she agreed knowingly to marry Henry and now I believe she, and everyone else, needs to honour that).You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.