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The Future of Us

The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler This is such an interesting book - it really took me back to when I was just starting high school and this internet thing was all the rage. The descriptions in the book are authentic - the internet was that slow, the music was that great, and Discman’s did need to be strapped to your arm!Aside from the nostalgia that sprang up while reading The Future of Us, I really enjoyed the characters in the book. I thought Emma was a bit too controlling and demanding of her best friend, but she was genuine in all her actions and I found her endearing. Josh was such a nice guy - I really liked him and loved reading from his point of view. Telling the story from dual perspectives lent power to the story - it made it easier to see the consequences of Josh and Emma’s interactions. This is a lovely read, which I recommend to everyone because it explores the nature of friendships and the ways in which small decisions can affect our long-term relationships. The book made me re-think the things I say on my Facebook page! Read more of my reviews here.