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Glow (Sky Chasers)

Glow (Sky Chasers #1) - Amy Kathleen Ryan Read the full review here.The first few chapters of the book were very confusing for me because I felt I was missing some key pieces of information, like why these people were on a space ship, how long they had been there, how they produce food and oxygen. When all this was explained a few chapters into the book, I felt more comfortable and started to enjoy the story line.It is an interesting plot and I was intrigued by the desperation and panic of the crew of New Horizon that made them attack their sister ship. I found Waverly to be slow on the uptake sometimes; she figured things out a little too late, when there had been many clues and her conclusions were hard to miss. There were never any revelations in this book which shocked me. I found the characters to be largely inaccessible in this book; I read about them and watched them suffer, but I felt detached the whole time. I never found myself flipping pages and anxiously waiting to find out if everything turned out okay. The shining glory in this novel is the villian: the Pastor of New Horizon, Anne Mather. She truly believed she has a mandate from God which allows her to harvest fertile eggs from unwilling young girls, which really terrified me. Invariably I found the sequences concerning the boys left behind on the Empyrean more engaging than the ones about the girls on New Horizon. I think this was mainly due to Seth, who isn’t at all your typical foil to the Golden Boy (in this case, Kieran). He is a complex and interesting character with a palatable dark side. I look forward to getting to know him better in the sequels.