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After Moonrise - P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter I was sent this by the lovely people at Harlequin Australia, and I didn’t realise it had two stories in it until I started reading it (I don’t read blurbs – they ruin the story for me). They are both centred around After Midnight, a paranormal detective agency that helps people contact the dead, solve murders and bring peace to relatives. I seem to be in the minority in that I liked the first story, Possessed, more than the second, longer story, Haunted.In Possessed, Raef manages to have … relations … with a ghost, and it was pretty disturbing, especially when she inhabited her twin’s body to achieve this. Although, it was pretty clear where the story was going the first time Tracking positive emotions was mentioned. On the other hand, Haunted didn’t have the weird love scenes in it, but I was disappointed at how quickly Harper and Levi fell in love, although it was explained later on in the book.Oh, and in Haunted, the phrase ‘giant man-hands’ was used. Yeah.While both stories are essentially murder mysteries, I liked the one in Haunted more than the one in Possessed. Levi and Harper had to work hard to figure out the truth behind their blackouts and the strange things that happened around them. Possessed had a less compelling plot line, but the story was made interesting because of Raef and the powers he used to solve the case. It is very much a character driven story, while Haunted is plot driven, which probably explains why I liked Possessed a little better.I think After Midnight will be great for readers who want to try a little of Gena Showalter’s or P. C. Cast’s work without committing themselves to their long series’ of books. Although I didn’t enjoy Haunted enough to want to try P. C. Cast’s books, reading Possessed has made me realise I may like Gena Showalter’s adult books more than I did her YA novel, Alice in Zombieland.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.