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Revived - Cat Patrick How would your life change if you knew that you could be revived upon death? When I first heard about this book I thought 'what a cool premise'. Daisy's involvement in the human trials of a super secret drug that can 'cure death' predictably lessens her sense of self-preservation. She is also an expert liar and good at hiding her past. Unfortunately, her use of the drug also makes it hard for her to have close friends, and even harder to have a relationship. While this hasn't bothered Daisy in the past, as she has friends in the program, things change when she is Revived for the fifth time.Daisy begins a life changing friendship with Audrey and her brother Matt in her new town. Suddenly she wants to tell someone about her unusual life and share the secrets she has been keeping for so many years. While I understood this impulse on one level, I felt that she shared too much, too soon. All the warnings about how harmful public knowledge of Revive would be fly out of her head, just because she wants to feel closer to a boy. The circumstances under which she tells Matt make her decision even more bizarre, and I am baffled as to why she thought the situation to turn out any differently than how it did.Her impulsive decisions aside, Daisy has some incredible relationships with the people around her. Her friendship with Audrey is a shining example of how friends can empower you. Daisy, when forced to deal with death as others experience it - final and unchanging - only gets through it because of Audrey. I found their relationship in credibly touching and wish more friendships in YA were depicted like this. Like Forgotten, Revived has made my list of books I will always remember. I find that it explores death with the appropriate sympathy and delicacy, and challenged a lot of my thinking on the subject. Cat Patrick has very quickly jumped into my list of favourite authors, and I urge you to try some of her work!You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.