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Fantastic Literature: From epic fantasy to fairytales to myth-making

The Painted Man  - Peter V. Brett I loved this book, the premise had me hooked the moment I read it. The world that Brett has created is incredible to read about, richly detailed and full of wonderful landscapes, and its an absolute pleasure to read about it. The humans in The Painted Man are forced to live out their lives in the daylight hours and fear the coming of night. Magical wards protect the people within their houses at night. The return of the demons, after an absence of seven thousand years during which Science reigned, has brought Magic back into the forefront of the world, but much of it has been lost, in particular, the legendary fighting wards.The story is told from the points of view of three characters: Arlen, Leesha and Rojer, whose stories are told in alternating four-chapter blocks. Instead of following them continuously the book is split up into sections that span a certain number of years, so we see the characters at various stages of life. Each character beings something unique to the story: Arlen his strength, Leesha her compassion, and Rojer his naivety. The different points of view precipitate the development of the story, and the three view points only merge at the end of the book. The transitions between them are easily followed and progress well.There is a lot to love about Peter V. Brett’s debut novel, and he has definitely hooked me for the next two books in his trilogy. The Painted Man has all the makings of a great fantasy and will be enjoyed by masters of the genre and new comers alike. I have the second book, The Desert Spear, in hand and plan to read it soon.You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.