Speculating on SpecFic

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Storm Front  - Jim Butcher This sounds great right? A wizard, a murder mystery and magic. I am sad to say I was severely disappointed by this book after anticipating it for so long. This is mainly due to my intense dislike of the protagonist, Harry, who also narrates the story. He is a chauvinistic pig and proud of it, and while I realise that all that is part of the character, I just couldn’t handle it. I had to keep putting the book down and just breathing to reign in my frustration.Aside from Harry, the plot of the book was enjoyable. I did figure out who the murderer is early on, but I feel it was meant to be obvious to the reader. It is a fast paced book that has a lot of potential because the premise is so intriguing. The story is delivered by Harry, so I had an issue with it: we only ever get his opinions and descriptions of people and events, and I find Harry’s views objectionable. I enjoyed Harry’s snarkiness initially but found it annoying later on.I know that this series has a large fan base, and that there are many people who enjoy reading these books. It wasn’t for me, and I won’t be continuing with the series, but if it sounds like you may like the books then I encourage you to pick it up.